Thursday, September 17, 2015

'Ave a cup of tea (AM)

The Misses Soft Crab love coffee. I'm sure you know that because we sing it's praises all the time. Add it a Tuesday to make it terrific, write haiku about it, just generally roll around in our love for it. We effing love it. Just had one. Best thing I've done all day.

But you know what else is good? Tea.

Russeth told me recently he didn't get tea. He said people at work were always having a cup of tea and he couldn't figure out why. He said he tried it to see what all the fuss was about but he still didn't get it. His loss.

Years ago I lived with Miguel who is a tea-drinker extraordinaire. His habit is basically chronic, but I can't recommend this kind of housemate highly enough. There was pretty much always a pot of tea on the go. These days I rarely make a pot, though it is a superior tea experience.

I like the taste of tea and I like having a hot drink and I love it to cut through the sweetness of a sweet treat. But in my current stage of life I also just effing dig an excuse to sit down for five minutes.

When Baby was about 1.5-2 and still breastfeeding I used to think it was basically his equivalent to a cup of tea. Newbie is in that phase now. They don't need it, but who doesn't like a bit of quiet time with a warm drink. Babes have boobs, we have tea.

I have about five cups of tea a day. Not because I want to have that many but because I'm constantly trying to force five quiet minutes into my day but always miss-timing it.

My friend Housemaid was wearing a cute ring last week with a tiny teacup on it. She told me her friend made a range of rings with teapots and cups because it reminded her of tea with her Nan and made her feel relaxed to look at them. I thought that maybe I should replace a few cups of tea with some visual cue to relax. But who has time to come up with a replacement?!? Not me!

Ok, tea time!

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