Thursday, September 17, 2015

'Ave a cup of tea (PM)

I'm in a land of intermittent wifi so I'm going to have to talk fast, but I am fully on board with this tea caper. I've always enjoyed a tea. I have it black with a squeeze of lemon and sometimes, when I really want to treat myself, I add a little sugar. That's five blissful minutes right there. And unlike coffee, tea is all delight and no craving. I never jones for a tea, I just sometimes think 'ooh, tea. Yes please'. You know who does jones for tea though? The people of Wales. The people in the office I was in were bonkers for tea. I reckon they would break for it every hour, no joke. It seriously compromised their productivity. They claimed it was because of the cold weather and it's true, a cup of tea really warms you up. There was one chap there  who had a pack of mcvitties dark chocolate digestives in his top drawer and he would have one with each cup of tea. Bloody lovely it was. 
You know what else is lovely, this secret river shit I was telling you about on Monday. Check out where I am writing this from. 

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