Thursday, September 3, 2015

New questions (PM)

First, in response to the easy question: I definitely think you should get the jumpsuit. It's lovely and would look great on you and you're not having a fractions life crisis, you're just being fashion forward. Remember that denim jumpsuit you bought back when jumpsuits were just for babies? Well they sell them at Country Road now. See? Fashion forward. Go for it Mate.

As for the cleaner. This is a new question and perhaps a more complex one but my answer is the same. Go for it. It's very friggen hard to find the time for cleaning and in truth, you don't have to have made it to get a little help now and then. I think the reason it also seems hard to face the reality of getting a cleaner is that one feels  like a bit of an asshole, hiring someone to clean up ones own leavings. But maybe that person is eyeing off a sweet jumpsuit of their own, and your wages is what will make that dream come true for them. Just think of that!

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