Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things I don't care for (PM)

Oh, um, this is awkward. Because the phrase colourways doesn't really bug me that much. I mean, certainly if I heard a person use it in coversation like commenter Jo mentioned after K's morning post I would want to punch them in the face. But luckily I am pretty discerning with who I have conversations with. Though, sure, sometimes you can't avoid talking to deebs. BUT my understanding is that colourways doesn't just mean the same thing in different colours, though that's part of it. I think that if you are an actual designer doing a range that colourways really is more about differnt sets of colours that may be used in a full range of products. You know? Ok, I am not describing  this well at all. But I am not a designer or anything like it. I just know that it is used professionally and it makes sense. Still if you are in a shop and someone is showing you a thing in a different colour then they may as well just say different colours. I mean, in we all know what different colours means, right?.

But just because I don't hate the word colourways doesn't mean I am taking the moral highroad. I mean, there are heaps of things I hate, kind of unnecessarily. Like, I hate it when people say 'whilst' and 'amongst' instead of 'while' and 'among'. And when people say 'myself' instead of 'me' it drives me bonkers to the point of distraction. Seriously. I hate it. I hate it.

Thank god the sun is shining outside, cause otherwise I may have to carry this rage inside me all day long. Ugh.


  1. It worries me - all this rage about essentially nothing and certainly nothing that can affect your life.
    If you are in a lolly shop and you want to buy the snakes, do you get upset about the musk sticks that you don't like? No - you just ignore them.
    Why waste energy, time and emotion over such trivia?
    By the way, this is from Wiktionary
    Noun colorway (plural colorways)
    (art) The scheme of two or more colors in which a design is available. It is often used to describe variegated or ombre (shades of one color) print yarns, fabric, or thread. It can also be applied to apparel, to wallpaper and other interior design motifs, and to specifications for printed materials such as magazines or newspapers.
    Synonyms : color scheme

    And in another google search this comes up in reference to knitting:
    Yarn with multiple shades of the same hue are called ombre , while a yarn with multiple hues may be known as a given colorway — a green, red and yellow yarn might be dubbed the "Parrot Colorway" by its manufacturer, for example.

    1. Wow, H, I didn't know you were so zen. And of course you are right.