Thursday, May 2, 2013

No (PM)

Are you fucking kidding me?! FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY-NINE DOLLARS! Well, whatever, if your the fucking idiot that wants to buy those bathers you may as well drop 600 bucks on 'em. See if I care.

K actually sent me a link to those bathers yesterday, she said "Look at this swimsuit" and what I read was, "Look at this swimsuit I'm thinking of buying." Though let me make it quite clear those last 4 words were nowhere near the epage. I guess that is just what I infer from every emailed link to a product. And so you can imagine what I felt when I arrived at the webpage, confusion mainly, followed by more confusion. Followed by realisation. Followed by more confusion, you know that these bathers existed.

Also, Mate, I see the issue with the gold hardware is important, but you didn't even acknowledge the fringe. A fucking on a swimsuit.

But I guess fringes are really hot right now. Check out this fringed jumper I saw no less than 1 week ago on the Gorman website. Read carefully friends, I said 1week, not 1 decade ago.

You see fringes are so hot right now. Oh, hang about that is fucking repulsive too.

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