Thursday, May 16, 2013

The nail tutorial (PM)

But shit mate, they look so cute! Obviously I wasn't the one that had to sit around, immobile and with a baby to care for, waiting for the paint to dry but heck, the cuteness of the final product has me thinking that maybe it's worth it.

As for me, my nails are kind of stumpy and nail polish doesn't look that great on them, so I steer clear of it mostly and therefore will never have to face this dilemma. The only thing that makes me want to wear nail polish is so my hands will look more like my Mum's hands. 
Hear me out. 
Lately, I've caught the odd glimpse of my hands and thought wow, they look just like I remember Mum's hands looking when I was little. And I don't know about you people but I LOVED my Mum's hands when I was little. Still do, in fact. They were always holding nice things like snacks or tissues, and they were the things she used when she did all that soothing head patting when I was sick and hand holding when I was crossing the street. And they always had nail polish on them. The pearly kind, that was favoured by women in the 1980s. Still do, in fact. 
Nowadays, when I see my own hands looking like hers all those memories come to me and it instantly makes me feel good. Instantly! And sometimes I think that if I put pearly nail polish on them then the resemblance would be even greater and I would feel great all the time. But then I think I would have pearly nail polish on my hands and that doesn't seem so appealing. 

Anyway Mate, maybe you should think about the magical memories that may be forming in Baby's mind when you have cute nails. Maybe having cute nails makes you a better parent?

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