Monday, May 27, 2013

Found (0(k goes global

Hi guys, you know I wouldn't usually start the week off with something like FC, but let's look at the facts.

1. FC is a winner every time.

2. In the very recent past K just stepped off a plane after a real long flight. Do we want her to worry about responding to a post? Hell no! So we are giving girlfriend the day off! (Unless you want to chime in, Matey. Always welcome on your own blog.)

3. I have some excellent FC that I think really pay homage to K's trip. Because I have cock from close to home and far flung cock and I just thought it would be timely to look at it today. So let's get into it. Shall we?

Soon, we will look at some international FC, but first I want to celebrate the gifted cocks from friends closer to home. We all remember the time a penis-like eggplant turned up on my phone from an unknown number, right? Of course we do. Well, being a great brother, Russeth did not end there. One night I got a delightful message with this in it.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! This time I had a reasonable idea who it was from. At least I could narrow it down to a few of Russeth's freinds. And guys, there is nothing that warms the cockles of your hear like the receipt of hilarious cock in your inbox. The next night I got this:


I can only assume that the giant phallus behind that footy player's head is a symbol of the Fremantle Dockers ground. It's dockers guys, with an 'o'! Idiots.

Obviously, FC has really touched the hearts and minds of many. In the early days of FC all the way over in the US of A, Mondonna and her friends had a field day with it. And things got real creative.


Great work, guys!

Here's a picture CarLovers sent me from the city of food and romance, gay Paris. Onc!


But by far the most exotic cock is this one, simple and classic, found in Valparaiso by Toni. Thanks Toni! FC in Chile! Nice!

It just shows you can find cock anywhere in anything. But let's finish off closer to home. This delight was found by K herself. Mate, let's hope your travels are full of fun and FC!

Eeeww, chewy!


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