Friday, May 3, 2013

And the winner is... (AM)

Well, guys, this is it. Our last daily post. I mean the other posts will be on days. Just not everyday. We had an overwhelming response to the question of what days we should keep posting.Yes, overwhelming. Four actual comments and one email to our Miss Soft Crab email address. The first ever email that was not sent automatically by Twitter or by a misguided publicity person. HA!

So thanks "Miss Dizzy", "Sarah", "MC", "Nicole","TJ" and "KA", if those are your real names (they are, mostly). Your opinion is appreciated. Monday was undoubtedly the most popular day, although "Nicole" thought quality may be better if we gave up Monday for Tuesday. But don't worry, we promise we won't compromise on quality.  No sirree. So, thanks to or faithful readers we have decided that from next week we will have a new post every Monday and every Thursday. And I'm pretty sure they are gonna be good.

But what does it all mean? Does this mean no more Terrific Tuesday, WTF Wednesday or Friday Favourites? Who knows, the future is unwritten, yo. Maybe they'll be back in the future. But for now, let the past be the past.

But they were some great days. Last night while reminiscing I started reading over some of those good ol' days, and I don't want this post to be like an episode of Friends where they all sit around talking about something just so they can show a bunch of clips and not make a real new episode,'s going to be. Like, do you remember that time K may have accidentally eaten dog shit for dinner? Yeah, what a great WTF Wednesday that was!!! Read here, then here to relive those treasured memories.

As for Terrific Tuesday, how can you pick a favourite? I mean, it's terrific. But, ok, seeing as you asked (what?) I gotta say I loved the first the best, because: a)It was the invention of a thing where all you have to do is decide your day is going to be terrific and then it is (seriously guys, have you tried it? It effing works!); and b) Jesse Pinkman was mentioned in it. And I really miss Pinkman.

So I guess that brings me to Friday Favourites. They're all good, natch, I mean they talk about our favourite things. I loved Friday Favourite: Flamingos. Because God, I love Flamingos. I loved Friday Favourites:Barbra Streisand, because I will never get over K's love of Babs. But I guess, when it comes down to it I love Friday Favourites: Prince. Because Prince is one of my favourite people/things in the whole world.

Man, these days gave us some great ways to explore the world. Maybe they'll be back. But for now, see you on Monday and Thursday.

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