Monday, December 17, 2012

Things I am going to do on my summer holidays (PM)

HAHAHAHAHA! This crab! Good one!

Well this crab also has two pincers and a high level of excitement about the holidays. And like K, I'm going to Puberty Blues the heck out of them!

I'm gonna hang out with my BFF, sit on the beach and watch my boyfriend surf. Make cakes when it rains. Seriously. And eat chiko rolls. Gado Gado chiko rolls! I can't effing wait. Might even make them tomorrow.

I'll be house sitting in a suburb actually near where my friends live so I may even see them! And I plan to have BBQs! YEAH! And because of the proximity to everything I will also be riding a bike around! Yeah. Gonna be a sweet 3 weeks.

I’ll probably also be wishing I had long, thin legs like the lady in the picture K stole from The Sartorialist because I’ll probably be wearing shorts and hating on my legs. And, if summertime dreams come true, I will also buy a summer dress I like.

Also, eat fruit.

Man I love the summer holidays.

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