Monday, December 3, 2012

There's this great new show (AM)

I've just started watching The Sopranos.
I know I'm late coming to the party on this one but gee you guys, The Sopranos is a really good show.
I can't stop thinking about it.  Perhaps because it is both a family drama, and a drama about The Family.  It's got it all, except hunks, and that I think about it all the time, want to watch it all the time, and yet it doesn't have a single hunk just goes to show how great it is. Tony Soprano is particularly un-hunky. I could not want to make out with him less, but boy do I love him and want it to work out for him. Even though he is a monster. I don't want to make out with him, he is a monster, and yet I love him. Can you believe this show? It's quite incredible.
People say it's the writing that makes it so great. I guess that's it. I guess that's how it appears both domestic and operatic at the same time. It certainly isn't the hunks.
Anyway, obviously I'm writing about The Sopranos today because I can't stop thinking about it and I want an excuse to think about it. But I know some of you guys won't have seen it and I don't want to ruin it for you, so all I can do is tell you that I'm watching it and I love it and can't stop thinking about it.  And highlight that because I am watching it so much, I am seeing characters from The Sopranos wherever I go. Especially Junior Soprano.

This is Junior Soprano.
He is Tony's uncle.

And here are some people I have seen lately who look just like him.

I saw this first guy in the city on my lunch break, though it must be said that this dude is more snappily dressed than Junior.

I saw the second guy at Donatis on Lygon street when I was buying some prime rib(eye) on Saturday.

Junior is the one on the right. That other guy is the butcher's handsome son, Marcelo. 
They're both a bit of a stretch. I see what I want to see, I guess. And I want to see The Sopranos all the time.

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