Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Imaginary Christmas Telemovie Workshop! (PM)

I  cannot wait to see Feliz Navidad. And if it is on at the same time as this bullshit show I'm pitching, I'm totally changing channels.

We Three Kings

Matthew, James and John King are three brothers trying to keep the memory of their father alive, and the farm he left behind viable. As a 10 year drought continues, maintaining the farm is hard, especially for John, a single father. On Christmas eve, the three brothers pay a visit to neighbour, Maryanne. Pregnant to a man who left her, and all alone on Christmas eve, she is happy for the visit. As the four enjoy a merry evening, amazing things start to happen! The Kings are stuck at Maryanne's thanks to a snowstorm, a thing never seen before in these parts. Maryanne goes into labour; and it looks as if love might blossom. All this in just one night? On Christmas, anything is possible!

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