Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Terrific Tuesday

Hey! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty nice, we went down the beach for a couple of nights and it was super nice. Pickle and Minderbinder were there with Babybinder. I made eggplant subs for dinner on Saturday night and on Sunday we went and met Miguel and Legsley in Lorne for some trampolining and beer and chips so I guess it was pretty great.

But because yesterday was a public holiday Newbie didn't have childcare so I basically lost a day of work. Or maybe that was because we went away for the weekend. Whatever. It's just semantics. So now I have to find a day to do all that work I missed. Plus I've taken on some more work because I'm broke as a mutha$*#%er so although my financial struggles may lighten my time struggles will increase. On top of that I've invited people over for a BBQ on Sunday for Newbie's birthday and I got home from the beach yesterday to discover the house was still the frightful mess I left it in and now I have to clean it and the backyard before Sunday. LB loves cleaning the backyard to a really extreme level so he started yesterday by cutting down a tree which is now taking up half the backyard. So you can bet that I need one hell of a Terrific Tuesday to even contemplate getting through the week with any kind of success.

Natch this Tuesday is going to begin with one hell of a coffee. Lately, due to aforementioned brokeness I've been trying to drink the bulk of my coffees at home rather than paying them dollar dollar bills for it BUT today I'm buying my coffee god damn it!

I'm going to dress well. It's going to be hot today but I'm going to wear a cute outfit and lipstick even though I'm basically going to be home all day, but why not be cute and at home!?

I'm going to get through my to do list. Yeah I am! It's moderate and my week will still have a shitload of to-dos but you gotta start somewhere.

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