Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Still looking ahead

I have so many questions about yesterday's post, like does K swim at the Northcote pool or use the gym there? If gym-users are there at 6am maybe they are some of those smug fucks troubling her so much? Still, Jane's friends sure seem like some smug swimmers. Jerks. But if K is swimming how do we know she's not a smug jerk? Yikes!

I love a warm morning, yeah I do but I'm looking forward to the turn of weather, mind you I don't plan to hang out at the gym at 6am. I recently reread The Shipping News. I loved that book the first time and I loved it the second time too. The blurb told me I'd get swept up in an "exhilarating Atlantic drama." I didn't really remember it like that and that's because it's not really like that. It's more about the vibe of it. Technically lots of dramatic things happen but the really the greatness, for me, is in the conjuring of this stormy, tiny seaside time and it's inhabitants. Anyway, there is this scene in the book where a girl is described as walking into a room wearing a sweater and when I read that line I just, "Oh that lucky thing! A sweater! I can't wait to wear a sweater!" And you can bet to heck I'm wearing one right now. Although I know I'll just have to take it off in a couple of hours when the sun comes out. But that's ok. I'm not a fool. I know that in 6 months I'll hate every sweater I own and be longing to expose some skin and bid adieu to the rain-induced super frizzy hair of winter. It's like Spandau Ballet said, I know this much is true. But for now I'm just digging on a little chill.

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