Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Food sads

The other day I saw a delicious looking mushroom toast on Raph Rashid’s Instagram account and let me tell you I wanted to go to there. I could probably find a recipe for it but I can't make it because no one else in my house would appreciate it. I feel the same way about these eggplant sub toasts.

A while ago on a unseasonably cool December saturday I had the great idea of making buying some pre made meatballs from the pasta shop near our house and making a sauce and making subs, eggplant for me, to eat in front of the kids movie. Doesn't that sound awesome. Turns out that the pasta place only does meatballs on Wednesdays. I thought Meatsmith may provide them. But no. But the point is really why can't we all just enjoy an eggplant sub?! When it was just Erry and me I could make what I wanted because even if he thought he'd prefer meat he'd usually enjoy what I made and if he didn't there was always tomorrow. But now with the possibility of three miserable faces looking at me over their plates I won't even be able to enjoy the meal and so the struggle continues.

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