Monday, March 27, 2017

Looking ahead

Would you have a look at the ambient temperature I enjoyed while waiting in the queue for the Northcote Pool to open this morning.  I was there in my rank active wear (which smells musty because of all the sweat it's soaked up and won't wash out) enjoying the feeling of the warm air against my skin and thinking ahead to autumn and winter where such a thing is impossible. I HATE waiting in that queue in winter. At this time of year it's about 30 people deep, waiting for the doors to open at 6am but in winter it shrinks by about half. But, people who swim in the mornings in winter are hard core fuckers, so standing there exposed to the elements and their attitudes is quite unpleasant. I don't know why swimmers are so smug. The other day I overheard a conversation between two ladies in shower I blocked hat went like this.
Woman in shower cubicle 1: "Did you hear Jane's bag got stolen on Wednesday morning?"
Woman in shower cublice 2: "No! That's terrible!"
WISC1: "I know. She got out of the pool, couldn't find it and at first thought she had left it in the car, but then realised her car keys were gone because they were in the bag. It's terrible!"
WISC2: "I guess we have to be more careful. Does she know who did it?"
WISC1: "Well it must have been someone who just walked in, because there's no way it would have been a swimmer."
Ahem, WISC, why the fuck not? Just because you are all very wholesome and hard core doesn't mean there aren't a-holes in your ranks. 
Anyway. There can't be many more days of bare arms and warm air so I'm going to make the most of this one. 

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