Monday, November 7, 2016

What's happening

So I'm pretty excited about daily Miss Soft Crab, but I'll admit that remembering to blog every second day after the last couple years of biweekly blogging may be tough. But here I am! So far so good. 

I'm going to follow K's lead from yesterday and embrace this happenings thing bloggers do. But I sure as hell am not going to use that list of headings K used. You think I have all day!?
I have three children for Christ's sake! I barely have all minute. 

Doing: the same old shit but interspersed with breastfeeding and extra nappy changes. Also just delighting in how fucking adorable my baby is. Plus feeling bad that I can't just dedicate some solid time to any one of my children. 

Hearing: the competing demands of my children. And then the tv when I can not take their demands anymore and need to distract them. 

Drinking: I wish. 

Eating and cooking: both constantly. 

Enjoying: my baby. She's a delight. The other kids are ok too. 

Loving: that I totally ditched a bunch of the headings K went through yesterday and the fact I'm going to end this right now!!

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