Thursday, November 17, 2016

The grey lining

I was watching this show the other night that kept showing footage of Trump  "mocking disabled reporter". Now that was some totally fucked up shit. One of the many, many, many things you just can not believe happened. But the thing that made me feel good when I watched it was that I would bet my life that if that had happened in Australia, if some political candidate did such a thing here they would have been gone petty much instantly. Their party backing gone, instant dismissal. Gone. I mean there may be a strong undercurrent of misogyny in this country and some fairly overt racism but at least there is a sense that you've got to at least treat individuals with respect and generally not make fun of people. Unless you're a cartoonist. Then you can make fun of anyone. And get paid. But you definitely can't do that if you're a politician. If you're going to say fucked up shit about people as a politician you have to couch it in moderate language. Or at least not act like an 8-year-old kid teasing someone. Sure politicians here can create policies that are racist and mean (no entry ever to people settled elsewhere if they've attempted to arrive here by boat anyone?) but at least you can't mock the disabled. I'm pretty sure. Yay Australia. I guess.  

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