Wednesday, November 30, 2016

E is for about time

I catch the #86 tram to work which is always an interesting experience. It's a bit of a slow coach, especially compared to the glorious #96, the queen of trams, which I used to catch when I lived in the 3056. The #86 lurches and stumbles while the #96 glides with elegance and grace. This is partly because of the swish E class trams that they use on the #96 which can only glide with elegance and grace, while the #86 has those D class trams that have stairs and narrow doorways and are very unfriendly to people with prams or mobility aids.  The #86 has a gazillion stops and lots of twists and turns while the #96 shoots down Nicholson street like and arrow and gets you where you're going in no time. I loved the #96 for its efficiency but I have to say, I have come to love the #86 for its rough and ready quality. It's an unpretentious piece of transport, mostly very frequent and very reliable and always full of people which shows it is a much needed transport route. It's the bastard John Snow while the #96 is one of those right born Starks who are good and all, but just not as interesting. 
And guess what you guys. As of this week, they are introducing E class trams to the #86! That's like giving Jon Snow a valerian steel sword! I'm writing this from the #86, and thought it's just an old D class this morning I know that next time, maybe next time it could be a E class. Hooray! Winter is coming!

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