Wednesday, November 16, 2016

More reality check

Hey, did you all see Miss Dizzy's delightful comment on J's Monday post? People say that internet commenters are nasty trolls but not our readers, no sirree.

Hey, did you all see the Super Moon last night? I did. It looked like a big moon. That's all. Just a big moon in the sky.

Hey, did you all notice that I didn't post yesterday? I'm still sorting out the teething problems related to my baby teething Ha! Not really. It's the teething problems related to not being able to use any of my devices to blog, thats what I'm sorting out. I've had to borrow Appleheart's computer, and then in turn have had to deal with the inevitable questions like "Why are there all these pictures of Chris Pine open on my computer" when I forget to cover my tracks.  I'll get it sorted out though. Promise.

Hey, has anyone seen the weather forecast for the next few days. It's going to be super nice!
Let's focus on the positives, shall we?

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