Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Confession time

Something happened to me recently that I haven't yet told J about.
I've been meaning to tell her, but I haven't found the right time.
I'm pretty sure she's going to be shocked and appalled. I'm shocked and appalled.
It's shocking and appalling.
The thing I haven't told her is this: I went to see the movie Hell or High Water (which I really really loved) and I walked out of it with a giant boner for this guy:
Eeewwww. What's wrong with me? He's a classic pretty boy of the style I usually feel completely unmoved by. He has the same name as a particularly odious member of the Abbott/Turnbull government. He's so movie star looking.Eeeewwww! But he is just so great in this movie, I couldn't help myself. I'm hoping that it's just that I loved the movie, and if I see him something again I won't give a hoot.  But until then he is a total dreamboat. I don't dare use the H word in relation to him, but he made me feel real feelings in my heart spot, just like real hunks do.  It's hard to ignore.
But I'm pretty sure J is going to give me hell for it. 

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