Monday, June 27, 2016

What day is it anyway? (PM)

I'm afraid I am well aware of what day it is because not next week but the week after I will be back at work on the equivalent of this day. Does that make sense? More basically, I am going back to work in a fortnight. So Mondays will be very very meaningful to me.
Though I am going to work part time, I decided to make Monday a work day, which seems to be unusual within the part time work community. People seem to like to take a Monday or a Friday off work, so they can have a long weekend I assume. But because weekends are by their very nature too short, I feel like it's a risky business to have a longer one by default. I figure it would be mere weeks before three day weekends don't seem long enough. And where does that leave you? Wishing weekends were four days long? Only fools dream of that kind of utopia. Easter and it's four days of leave come but once, ONCE a year. You'll drive yourself mad hoping for more. 
UNLESS you choose to work on Mondays and have Tuesdays off, and there's a public holiday. FOUR DAY WEEKEND YOU GUYS! Unless it's the public holiday for the stupid horse race, which is on a Tuesday. Or the new public holiday for the football game (which I support, I earnestly support) which is on a Friday, or any of the public holidays that are date specific like Australia Day, Anzac Day, and all the Christmas/NEw Year ones. So it's strikes and gutters, really. But here's to working, and also not working. Yeah!

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