Thursday, June 9, 2016

Challenges (AM)

One of the reasons my posts are so short these days is because KB is obsessed with my iPhone. Whenever I use it when I am around him, which is all the time, he starts reaching for and wildly trying to grab it. It's very difficult to get anything done. We gave him one of our old iPhones as a decoy, but he smelled a rat straight away. Ditto the decoy remote control we gave him so we wouldn't eat the TV remote control. God forbid he ever find the official Harry Potter remote control wand we have. I've hidden it on a very high shelf. 

When you spend 24/7 with a baby, you really need an iPhone. To connect you with the rest of the world through email and social media and all that malarkey. To play podcasts on when you are walking for hours to get them to sleep. To google things like 'early signs of autism/leukaemia/meningitis' whenever they do something weird, like blink rapidly five times in a row. Not being able to use it leaves you in a real jam. I still use it of course, but have to do so covertly. Like, I'll go to the pantry and hide in there to use it. But then I end up eating snacks too. It's not ideal. 

Sometimes I relent and let KB play with it, but he just starts eating it and I am sure that's a bad thing. I played some clips from Sesame Street on it the other day to occupy him while I had a shower. Before I knew it I could hear the game of thrones music and he had somehow found his way to a clip of some behind the scenes documentary. 

Anyway, I'm sure length/quality will improve when I return to work and can wield my iPhone boldly. That's a positive about returning to work! 
(So disinterested in decoy iPhone he's sitting on it while reaching for mine)

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