Thursday, June 9, 2016

Challenges (PM)

Ugh, Newbie loves my phone too. I feel like its a sign to me that I should look at iPhone less, you know just put it away and spend quality time with my baby or doing something productive and I try to do that but then I hear it's siren song message alert singing to me or I really need to check the weather and one thing leads to another and there I am just looking at it for no good reason till Newbie says, "I want to look at photo." And that seems harmless enough so he looks at some photos of him and Baby. There's a video he watches of himself as a baby, in the arms of his big brother, Baby. He says, "I like that baby." And then hugs and kisses the phone. It's adorable. Then when I'm not looking he goes to YouTube, chooses a video, usually some kind of mash up of a dancing Spiderman and the song Incy Wincy Spider or an animated video of Kinder Surprise type eggs looking like the characters from Peppa Pig, he expertly presses presses the part of the screen that says 'Press to skip advertisement' and points 'Mummy, mummy!' So delighted he's found such a cinematic masterpiece. Who the eff knows who is making them and why the eff!? Worse are the videos of young children dressed up and doing weird character things or toy demonstrations at the obvious urging of their parents. Or the videos of adults demonstrating a new release toy or popping balloons as they say the colours. Really, what are these people doing with their lives. What are their goals? Why is this happening.

Right, it is definitely time to put iPhone away, for all our sakes.

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