Thursday, June 23, 2016

Science (PM)

Well K came over today guys and she brought the croissants that we had deemed the best. Though we should be honest and admit we did not do extensive testing. We tried a few croissants at a few cafes but these croissants really just stood head and crescent shaped shoulders above the rest so we thought we should try them again and make sure we'd tasted them right.

Oh boy. OH BOY! Did we taste them right. These croissants are so effing good and when I tell you that literally every single bite I took I exclaimed some kind of expletive because I couldn't believe I was tasting something so delicious, I am not lying or exaggerating, I am telling you literally and exactly what happened.

These croissants have this somehow crunchy, caramelly shell and perfectly soft buttery inside. They are everything, EVERY SINGLE THING a croissant should be. These are croissants worth queuing for. These croissants shit their divine buttery excrement all over Lune croissants. Or they would if such divinity were capable of such abject mortal activities.

These croissants are so good that both K and I forgot to photograph them for you before eating them and that when Newbie asked for some more I had to tell him, "I'm sorry there is no more, because I didn't want to share with you."

And you know where they come from? This French cafe in Thornbury that I have walked past a bunch of times and dismissed because the font on the sign is bad and the decor is non-remarkable and I never walk around there looking for a croissant. I sometimes walk around there looking for a coffee but I just wouldn't buy a coffee there before because it just looked like some kind of crappy cafe. My god. My GOD have I learned my lesson about not judging a book by its cover. The menu looks delicious, and I'm sure the food is great. But the actual menu is so dense, there are so many items with such vast descriptions and a terrible font... you can't see the crepes for the baguettes. And yet I feel that probably everything is delicious there. The place is called Cafe Flo and if you are on High Street, Thornbury I strongly encourage you to try it.

I'd like to be more open minded about trying cafes with shitty fonts and decor, but mainly those cafes really are shit. So how do you tell the difference? Once inside Cafe Flo it is not so much shitty decor as non-remarkable. There is something a bit cute about it in fact, but you have to set through the front door to discover that. Now I just feel even more confused about how to navigate the world of delicious food. But knowing about those croissants makes this confusion and fear so much easier.

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