Thursday, June 16, 2016

Remembering stuff (PM)

That Shoebill is adorable and his/her relationship with the zookeeper is delightful. I am gonna go to that zoo one day and make some special memories of my own. 

And here's a special memory of my own. Once our cat Tinkerbell kept meowing in a strange way and when I went up to her to see what was wrong she bolted out to the car to bring my attention to the fact that we had accidentally left our dog Biff locked inside. I was shocked and amazed because she usually thought Biff was a total pain in her ass and I would have thought she would never help that dog. Turns out she and Biff were secret pals all along. Adorable little furry pals. 

To this day I often wonder what the eff J and I saw that night when the moon fell out of the sky and kept going down into the horizon. I know we saw it, but what the hell were we seeing?! 

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