Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bret Easton Ellis, I love you (PM)

This is great news. I'm pretty sick of all my podcasts. For a while there all I wanted to listen to was podcasts about babies. Then I got pretty tired of listening to podcasts about babies. All that information about babies and looking after them? Enough was enough.  I tired to return to my old favourites but my poor attention span meant it was hard to get anything out of them. So I've really been in the podcast wilderness. 
But I'm happy to give BEE a shot. Especially if he is talking to and about the Brat Pack. I made it to that talk J had to miss and he was a delightfully entertaining asshole. He talked about being on Grindr, which was in its very early days, and seemed super creepy and seedy to me but is now here to stay and part of people's lives. That pretty much sums up my feelings about BEE. Creepy and seedy but part of our lives. 

Meanwhile, it's 3am over here and I'm up feeding KB. I must say that life with a new(ish)born makes jetlag very easy to take as being awake at ridiculous hours is par for the course. He is so wide awake though. It's meant to be a dream fees where they barely open their eyes and go straight back to sleep once the eating is done. This guy looks like he wants to stay up all night and talk about his dreams and have a pillow fight and braid my hair. Go to sleep kid! 

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