Monday, November 30, 2015

New opportunities (AM)

At this time of year I am usually overcome with two emotions: excitement that Christmas is coming and anxiety about the fact that there's so little time until Christmas. I always want to get really excited about Christmas...decorate shit, send Christmas cards, sing Christmas songs. But because December is the world's busiest month, I never get to do all that stuff, hence the anxiety. 
It occurred to me last week, as I was wondering around London's biggest shopping centre sheltering from the rain, that I get to do all that shit this year because my December is totally wide open.  All I have to do this month is go see a show at the National Theatre that Damonn Albarn wrote the music for. Appleheart very kindly bought me a ticket to see it to make up for the fact that we couldn't see blur in Melbourne. Obviously we all know that nothing can make up for that, absolutely nothing. But it's a lovely gesture. 
Anyway, to get the ball rolling on my Christmassy December, I bought KB a novelty Christmas onesie, which I desperately want to show you all but am going to hold off until Christmas Day. Suffice to say it's super adorable and going to make us all want to eat KB with a spoon. 

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