Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bye (PM)

Oh god, I need a bye so badly. That's basically why I took a day off work last week. But it just want enough. What I need, in footballing terms, is a suspension. A reason to not play for a couple of weeks without being crippled by injury. I'm never going to win the Brownlow anyway so what difference does a suspension make except for giving me a little time out. But I guess I wouldn't like the bad reputation so I just need some minor injury that will keep me out of play for a couple of weeks without being permanent or two painful. 

What I want, really, is just a secret day when I can get shut done without distractions. Dumbledore's time-turner would do the trick. I guess as I'm neither a footballer nor a wizard none I can make all the analogies I want, not gonna help me get shit done though is it?!

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