Monday, November 2, 2015

Into the fog (AM)

Our trip to Hobart is sadly over. Gee it was a nice time. Hobart is as lovely as the first time J, Chickpea, Baby and I went there in 2012. That time we saw art, drank stout and  ate bienenstich. This time was much the same but we didn't drink stout our eat bienenstich. We did, however, drink regular beer and wine and ate oysters and donuts (one of which was a sourdough donut with chocolate and pistachio filling) and a wallaby burrito. There's very good eating in Tas. 
I have no photos to share of course, because these days all my photos involve KB, and that won't do. But take my word for it: Hobart is beautiful and warm and lovely and we had a great time. 
Coming home was pretty lovely too. Like J said a couple of posts ago. You can have pretty great time away but still really really really want to go home. 
Now it's only three weeks until we go to Europe. That's no time at all. 
Obviously it's very awesome to be going to Europe for two and a half months, but I'm nervous about it too. Being far far away with a new baby. The cold. Moving around a bit. Not knowing what to expect at a stage of life where I don't know what I'm doing. There's this saying in Sweden, 'in i dimman' which people say in place of our 'cheers'. It means 'into the fog'. I really feel like that's what we are doing. Literally and figuratively. So I am really hoping that the unseasonal warmth continues in Melbourne. Today is clearly a write-off but the other days. Let them be super warm. Because though the weather in London doesn't seem too diabolical, the clouds have very thick black lines on the outside and I could use the boost.

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