Thursday, October 1, 2015

What Baby said (AM)

Sometimes I have to tell Baby I can't do a thing for him because I'm writing Miss Soft Crab. I don't think he quite gets it (who the hell does?) I explained to him about it once and I think he thought it seemed pretty cool (little does he know). He asked if he could write a story for it. I said "Of course not kid, you can't write!" Just jokes. I said sure and then he told me some stories. Am I exploiting a 5-year-old by using publishing it? Maybe! 

Please welcome Baby for his first guess post:  

I was pretty scared of that dream but now I’m not scared of it but it was a nightmare, but before the scary part all the stuff was nice. I can’t remember all of it but ok: There were people coming into the lair and they saw these pictures like in Beast Quest and Sea Quest, they were really small red line drawings. Everybody came in different ways, down stairs into a lair. There was a bat showing the pictures and it was turning and turning and one person rolled down a stair case and fell flat 'cause he was dead. There was a girl who was a lady holding a baby. Then the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were running down the hill with a man.

The girl one: Once I was at kinder, it was a really large kinder I was in the OG room there was a girl my age but she didn’t notice me but I thought she was quite pretty. She was carrying something like a doona and it closed around us and so we were inside it and then she noticed me. And we were talking. Then we got out. She was four but she grew into a lady first. It took days and days but I wa still 4 and she was a teenager or a grown up. Then I said to her come and see this. I was showing her a hole in the ground. It was a bit weird. Then I woke up in the morning. 

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  1. Um, 'the girl one' is really, really deep. Nice work.