Monday, October 12, 2015

I love clothes (AM)

You guys, I love clothes!

You may think if you've read this blog or if ever had a conversation with me that you already know this and I should too. And you'd be right in a way. It's obvious in the things that I write and things that I say and on a good day in the way that I dress. But loving clothes is something a person sometimes has to deny. Not outright of course but just in the way you are. You have pretend you love other things more than clothes, like your children or boyfriend. 

Just jokes, I love my children and boyfriend more than clothes. No pretends. But guys beautiful clothes are beautiful and I want to wear them. 

I think partly this seasonal mess of weather always helps because every day you're dressing for a new season which really helps keep the love alive. Just yesterday I was fully loving myself sick in a QEII-worthy monochrome ensemble of pale pink shorts with a dark pink linen sweater. Monochrome for life! It really got me excited about spring dressing. Them today I had to totally shift gears into winter dressing. Whaaat?! 

That's when I spotted a great woolen Gorman dress that I bought years ago. It was the last thing I bought before Gorman became my mortal enemy. I spotted this dress in my wardrobe and thought "You're beautiful!" And that's when I just thought "I LOVE CLOTHES!" Why a fight it any longer. Oh sure, I'm wearing monochrome again* (why wouldn't I?!) but that's what's so great about clothes! Colour! Cuts! Combos! They have so much to offer. And I for one love them. Unashamedly and eternally. 

*see above. 

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