Thursday, October 22, 2015

Memory lane (PM)

I love a paper trail walk down memory lane. Especially when it takes you to a time in your life when your were overseas or newly returned from overseas or just found out you were pregnant or you had a baby or some other exciting time. I like a hard copy paper trail trip too, which is why my wallet is usually full of old tickets and receipts. 

We went to Disneyland two years ago when Newbie was just a tiny bean in my belly and the signs at Disneyland's doors, necessary by California law, declaring that the park had things containing carcinogenic products that could cause harm to people and unborn babies were pretty disconcerting. Anyway we're all fine and had a great day. 

I've been taking my own trip down memory lane lately because I left my face wash in a hotel in Byron Bay and had to buy a replacement in the local IGA near where we are now staying which is a town of some hundreds people and has a shop with one face wash, Johnson's gentle exfoliating wash, which, although I've never used it, smells just like something I used as a teenager, according to the power of olfactory memory. 

Memories, like the corners of my nose. 

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