Thursday, May 14, 2015

Will I ever know for sure? (PM)

I had no idea that J was so conflicted on this issue, or I would never have asked about the crazy leggings! 

I wish I had some great insight to offer here, but I really don't. I mean, I was the one asking J for insight into crazy leggings. 

Here are things I know for sure. 

Trying something on and deciding it isn't for you can sometimes be disappointing, but it's better than buying the thing and wishing you hadn't. I think that's something J can take from the Obus pants situation. Just because they look good on another lady and practical at the pool does not mean she made the wrong call. Buying something that isn't quite right is the wrong call. If you'd done it, you would see that lady at the pool and thing Hmph, it's alright for some. 

Trying something on and knowing you love it and want it and then choosing not to get it...that is a downright eff up. I've done it. Lord knows I've done it. 

At least we're being honest with ourselves and each other now. 
And let's remind oursleves of fran's grandmother's words in Strictly Ballroom next time we're in this situation.

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