Thursday, May 7, 2015

QEII style: Royal baby edition (AM)

I've been passively following the news of the royal baby this past week. 'Passively', because one doesn't have to do anything  to learn everything one needs to know, and 'following' because I was a little worried they would call her a name I fancy for the AppleKheart baby and would have had to reconsider if the royal baby nabbed it first.
Happily, I'm neither here nor there about Charlotte. 
Through my passive following I've learnt most of what I need to know (which was really just the baby's name, and confirming that Prince Harry has turned into quite a handsome fellow). I've also learnt that the world's media is captivated by how cute baby George is, and how incredible Kate looks very shortly after giving birth. Yeah, I guess both of those things are true. 
But the one thing I want to know that passive following has not delivered on is where is QEII and more importantly, what is she wearing? 
Happily those tabloid newspapers that Rupert Murdoch brought to England could fill in the blanks.
A quick search yielded this beauty: QEII going to the Royal Baby's house for a quick visit, the day they arrived home. 

This photo shocked me a little because QEII is wearing a shirt and that's confronting. 
Apparently, according to the Daily Mail, she had spent the morning at the track checking out the form of some horses before some big upcoming race meet. 
This pleases me a lot. 
And no doubt she's wearing purple trousers with that purple shirt. Purple, because she's the mother flipping queen, and monochrome because QEII style for life!

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