Monday, May 25, 2015

Hardy ha ha (AM)

You know what's hard? Trying to think of something amusing to say while your baby inexplicably, incessantly cries and you've got nasty-as-fuck hayfever. Though as things go I guess this is what you'd call a #firstworldproblem.  And even in the first world, this really is barely a problem. The killer part is, though, that I am actually amusing.

Recently in the car home from my parents house I'd made Russeth laugh heartily so many times (three) between Elsternwick and St Kilda Junction that I asked him if he thought I should become a stand-up comic. This elicited the heartiest laugh of all, which I took as a very good sign.

Ha! As if I would become a stand-up comic. I do not get them at all. I mean, I get their jokes usually, but I just think as an art form it would be hard and I don't get how to do it well. And neither do a lot of comics by the looks of things. Badoom cha!

I've noticed recently that comedians tend to laugh at their own jokes all the time these days. First I thought it was just something American comedians did. Mainly because I am a bit racist, but it's not just them. Australians do it, the British do it. Probably it's happening all over but I find it pretty repulsive. I guess they sometimes do it just to make sure the audience knows when to laugh. But if that is the only indication it's laugh time, that comedian should probably stick to their day job. Unless their day job is comedy. I've also noticed they do it when they've just said something mean, probably to make sure we know there is no harm in it. But I can be the judge of that. Probably they also do it so we can all be in on something together. But I'm not that desperate for inclusion. I think they also do it to make their jokes sound fresh, as if they've just said this funny thing for the first time and even they can't stop themselves laughing. But you can usually tell that's bullshit. Anyway, it drives me to distraction. My position is: you tell the jokes and I will be the one to laugh at it.

It's like movies or books that need to explain everything at the end, I effing hate that too, for some of the same reasons I hate this laughing that comedians do. We can figure shit out for ourselves guys.

I guess the moral of this story is that if you've got a crying baby and bad hay fever your output is going to be pretty negative.

Happy Monday!

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