Monday, May 18, 2015

Mixed Feelings (PM)

I know that my approach to life and many of K's mixed feelings seems to be that everyone should just harden up, but I draw the line at listening to the death throws of the rats you have poisoned. I wouldn't have even been hard enough to poison them let alone listen to their mournful squeals. 

Of course the rats had to go. And I guess rats are somewhat harder to get rid of from your roof than a possum. A possum you just wait to leave and then fix up the hole where they are getting in. But who knows what you do with rats? We had mice once and trapped them with humane traps. If you consider displacing a mouse from its home humane. Which, considering the alternatives, I guess I do. So I wish I could help you resolve your feelings with this mate, but I think they're probably just going to have to remain mixed. 

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