Thursday, May 7, 2015

QEII style: Royal baby edition (PM)

I learned something this morning reading K's post. It's that I may be more into QEII than I realised. When I saw her in that shirt it seemed totally normal to me, because I sometimes watch documentaries about her and once I watched part of that movie The Queen so I've seen her (and Helen Mirren as her) getting about the country side in skirts and shirts and sleeveless puffers heaps.

So I guess I'm not surprised she'd go visit her new granddaughter in a shirt. 

May I just say about KMid's emergence from the hospital the day after her baby was born, that poor lady. I mean, I've had two babies and the second one was far less traumatic and if I had a team of beautifiers on hand I probably could have emerged from the hospital the day after Newbie was born looking decent but I sure as fuck wouldn't have wanted too. 


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