Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sometimes you just know (PM)

...that you should read the AM Miss Soft Crab post on a full stomach. Unfortunately today is not one of those days, so now I really want a fish burger for lunch. Even though I had a burger for dinner last night. A very fine one at that. It was from this place called Kustom Burgers in Thornbury which I go past on the tram all the time, but sneer at because of the spelling. Business owners of the world: stop misusing the letter K! 
Anyway, Appleheart and I had been bagging it out pretty regularly since we moved to Preston and then last night realised that maybe we talk about it all the time because we actually want to eat there. So we did. And it was excellent. A proper burger with beef and bacon and cheese and lettuce and onion that seemed like a fish and chip shop burger but not as dirty. So probably not as good, really, but still pretty damned good.
But not as awesome as a leftovers based fish burger. I mean, there was no broader fulfilment, no sense of achievement over getting it right. Just delicious, delicious burger and fries that hit all the right...heck you guys, I have to go and get some lunch.