Thursday, April 2, 2015

Just some things I thought about (AM)

It is the day before the Easter long weekend AND it is two days before Passover AND it is one day after Chickpea's birthday AND it is two weeks before Miss Soft Crab turns FOUR! This means that I am a combination of tired, spent, lazy and nostalgic.

When Miss Soft Crab was born K and I used to worry that the blog needed a more clear focus, or any focus, and I remember someone, maybe KJ, saying in the early days that we seemed to talk a lot about best things and maybe that's what the blog should be about if we wanted to have a theme. Turns out we didn't really want a theme. Plus there was no getting around the fact that sometimes you also need to talk about shit things. And mostly we just wanted to talk about hunks and food and clothes, which we have successfully done for the last four years. I do sometimes wonder what happened to our enthusiasm though, best things are not visited as much these days. Who knows why.

You know what I ate yesterday, though? Nutella. I bought some to put on a cake I was making for Chickpea and do you know what? That shit is an absolute best thing. It is absolutely as delicious as you think it is. I know why I never buy it, but lordy, it made me wonder why I never buy it!

A little while ago I started writing a list of best things on my phone, it includes such undeniable best things as "hot chips with vinegar" and "a baby falling asleep in your arms", I'll probably add Nutella after I get off this computer.

There were other things I was thinking about too but now I'm just thinking about Nutella and how much I want to go and eat some. Which is exactly what I'm going to go do. Have a great weekend y'all! 

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