Thursday, April 23, 2015

Questions from the boarding lounge (AM)

Do planes have a reverse gear? Do they have a gear stick? What happens if they overshoot the turn into the gate, and have to back up so they can straighten up a little? 

Do people who have loud personal phone conversations on their mobile phones annoy everybody else as much as they annoy me? Everyone else seems so fine with it. I'm not fine with it. I want to rip the phone out of this person's hand and turn it off. If only it was one of those flip phones from back in the day. Then my gesture would mean something. But as it stands, there's no drama in turning a Samsung Galaxy off.

Plus, do I really want to do that? No. I don't. I don't want to upset the lady. I just want her to shut up.

Will this plane ever come?

Do you get snacks on Virgin now?

I love Hobart.

(That last one isn't a question, just a thought I have a lot.)

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