Monday, April 20, 2015

Hair Peace (AM)

I thought it was about time I updated you folk on how my no scrubs life is progressing. You know, if you're interested. God knows we are, but god (and only god) also knows why we are so obsessed with our hair. I guess it's a dark (brown) mark we both bear. 

Anyway, it's been ten months now. Ten whole months since shampoo and conditioner last touched my hair, though I started washing with bi-carb and conditioning with apple-cider vinegar about 6 months ago. So I guess it's more of a semi-scrubs life, really.

Frankly, I'm pretty effing happy with things. I basically have this straight on top, curly at the bottom thing going on, which gives my hair a kind of early sixties vibe, like around the time Kennedy got shot and before all the consciousness-raising happened. When I get caught in the rain, the curly bits become dead-set ringlets (see pictures above and below). I 'wash' it about once a fortnight. And sometimes not even that often. I still do my fringe every second day or so, but only with bicarb and water. Why use anything else?
It should be noted that I also have pregnant lady hair at the moment, which is definitely a thing, so that could be responsible for my relative hair happiness. It's no longer a controlled experiment. But nevertheless, I would have to say that no scrubs has brought me a level of contentedness that I only have dreamt of 10 months ago. Don't misunderstand me, I still hate my hair some days. But not many, readers. Not many. 

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