Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sometimes you just know (AM)

Theoretically if you were to ask me if I lived by a motto I'd say, "Hells no! That's a mugs game. For losers." But in truth I kind of have heaps of mottos. "Be excellent to each other." "If you're going to be embarrassed about a thing you do then don't do that thing." (Could probably do with a rewrite or it will never catch on.) "Got  leftovers? Make burgers."

I think these are all important words to live by and if you're looking for a motto to live by please feel free to use one of mine. I mean I took one of mine from Bill and Ted. I think we should all use that one. But if you're after another may I suggest the one about leftovers and burgers. 

I'll make my veggie burgers out of leftover curry or baked eggplant or other sloppy delicious mush food I felt could do with some repurposing. Add some breadcrumbs and an egg and you got yourself a burger.  But after baking a snapper on Tuesday night and only eating half of it I figured I might as well try out my burger theory on that. What the hell else are you going to do with some cooked fish flesh still attached to its baked head, that cooked white eye staring out at you. Well I ditched the head and eye and mushed the rest up with some grated ginger, red onion and me ol' mates egg and crumbs. The smell of ginger and Spanish onion was incredibly promising but when I started chopping up the fixings of red cabbage, a little lettuce, cherry tomato, more onion and avocado, I just knew. I knew this was going to be a leftovers success for the ages. A burger patty of cooked fish is light and lovely and the whole thing was so fresh I could eat it all over again. 

So yeah, in theory living your life by mottos seems lame, but in truth it t may be the best thing you can do. 

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