Monday, April 27, 2015

Demonstrated Abilities (PM)

I have a record of achievement too. Particularly in relation to negotiating outcomes when I believe I have been effed around. 
For example, this one time, I successfully negotiated a night of accommodation at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott Hotel after I missed a connecting flight to New Orleans due highly flawed airport communications systems that saw incorrect flight information displayed on both the tv screens that list all flight departures and arrivals, and at departure gates. 
While airline staff were originally adamant that passengers should assume that their flight will leave at the scheduled time from the scheduled gate written on their boarding pass no matter what ALL OTHER AVAILABLE sources of information, and can not expect to be compensated by the airline if they miss their flight, eventually I convinced them to see things from my point of view. As a result, I was able to stay in Philly on the airline's dime and enjoy a Philly cheesesteak at the hotel bar, as one of only two people in the bar that night that did not look totally, totally miserable (the other being Appleheart). 
I still feel proud when I think about that

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