Monday, May 26, 2014

Sons and lovers (PM)

Market breakfasting

Nice story, mate, nice story. Sometimes I ask Baby for a bite of whatever he is eating. If it is some sort of sweet treat he usually breaks off a piece between the fingernails of his thumb and forefinger so as to ensure just the tiniest amount is broken off - usually the size of a large crumb. He, like ElderPaddy, wants to be a good boy and share, he just doesn't want to give up his food.

LB, Baby, Newbie and I usually go to the Queen Vic Market on a Sunday. Sometimes a Saturday. We get some breakfast, a cup of Joe, buy some fish, cheese, bread. Get to the vegetable section buy a couple of things before I get too overwhelmed by people, say "I'll come back during the week" and then buy all my fruit and veggies from the supermarket. Anyway, I love watching the other people having their breakfast at the market. There are always lots of families. Sometimes they seem local and often there are tourists. There are lots of families with young kids but I like to check out the ones with teenage kids.

I don't really remember doing things with my parents between the ages of about 14 and 20. It's possible that is because my brain was so focused on high school bullshit that anything else going on in my life failed to attract enough brain space to create memories. Certainly I got along well enough with my family over those years, perfectly well, but I just don't know that I did stuff with them. Maybe shopping with my mum from time to time. That seems like something that could have happened. Anyway, I think that's why I particularly like watching the families with teenagers, I'm intrigued. Also because teenagers get such a bad wrap, but there is something so cute about seeing them sit down with their parents for a weekend breakfast at the market. I hope I'm still going to the market with Baby and Newbie in 10-15 years. But I guess they may need new pseudonyms by then. 

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  1. Gosh ,it was a total ordeal to get you to do anything with your family once you hit high school. It was the most boring thing for you. Few holidays maybe ,shopping for clothes ,yes. Otherwise wouldn't be seen for anything.
    But you were a very cute teenager none the less.