Sunday, May 18, 2014

Notes (AM)

When Newbie wakes up in the middle of the night for a feed I sometimes feel really tired. So that I don't fall asleep on top of him I sometimes turn to my phone for wakespiration but the internet can be so boring with its omnipotence and infiniteness so the other night I turned to my phone notes. There are years worth of notes in there.  It's a real treasure trove of memories. Or it feels that way at 3am.  I use it for all sorts of things like writing blog posts or ideas for posts, I use it for writing shopping lists and for reminding myself of adorable things Baby has said.  Like when I realised that he thought hedgehogs were called hairchogs. I realised this because he said 'Why are they called hair and chogs? Is it because their spikes are like hair?' It is one his adorable mishearings. He calls a knife an ife and cushions pushions and I can't quite bring myself to correct these things. 

The shopping lists in there are pretty boring although I guess I could use them to give me dinner ideas. Though I have no idea what I was cooking when I wrote this list:

I guess I was making some kind of Asian noodle dish but I have no idea what I needed dachshunds for.  

There are also other notes too. Some which were obviously ideas for something and others I have no idea what they were for. 

For example: Can joy be harbinged? Why is it that you only hear about harbingers of doom?

Well I don't know what inspired that note but I know why I wrote it. Because I want I know. 

Or this one:  Blaze. Blaze. Conspiracy theory 9-11. They make some good points. 

What the fuck is this about? Autocorrect?

Or this: 1. Use word achieved 

Maybe I was trying to create a list for manifesting my destiny but I guess I didn't get very far and clearly have not achieved much. 

Maybe I'll never know what these were about or perhaps my failing memory will come good. Either way, thanks iPhone, I don't know what half my notes are about but thanks for having that nifty function, especially now the font is not so fugly.

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