Monday, May 12, 2014

Belfast, I'm in you (PM)

Of course I am not now, nor have I ever been in Belfast. So I don't know a lot about it either. (Anything, I don't know anything about it except: bombs!; troubles!; and that my mother didn't want me to use the name Gerald as a middle name for my sons because of Gerry Adams. Turns out his name is Gerard anyway. So there, Mum. Also, Liam Neeson! Except maybe technically he is from just outside Belfast.  Whatever, I do what I want.)

If only I could insert Liam's accent here too.

Where were we? Belfast! But not actually. I look forward to hearing more about Belfast because my idea of it is basically a sepia-drenched city with small children running down cobble stone streets in grey shorts and slightly too-small woollen jumpers. I doubt there is anything more to it, but let me know just in case, 'k  Mate?

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