Thursday, May 22, 2014

Disappointments (PM)

Disappointing take away is such a slap in the face, and why I haven't had take away fish and chips or pizza since I've been on this side of the world, despite craving them all the time.  They don't come much more calorie laden/nutrition free than those two, and who wants to take the risk? I don't want to take the risk. 
Fear of disappointment is also one of the reasons I don't buy a lot of the sweet treats I see and long to have with my afternoon coffee. A sweet treat with tea or coffee is one of the great joys of life, but you know, indulgent. So most of the time I don't buy them because you can't just indulge yourself whenever you want. But sometimes...not often...but sometimes, I decide I'm going to indulge myself and get a treat with my afternooner and yet when it's time to make the decision, I back away. What if the treat looks better than it tastes? What if it's dry? What if it's not sweet enough, or too sweet? What if it tastes like a treat that's been sitting on a counter all day? I do not want to deal with that BS. No sirree. 
Speaking of disappointments, I'm going to go and get my morning coffee. The coffee in Belfast is better than Cardiff, but not much. BUT. There is this one great place that has properly good coffee and I love it there and want to spend my life there. But it's half an hour out of my way, so I have to tolerate the just tolerable until the weekend when it's good times aplenty.

Ok, bye guys. 

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