Thursday, September 26, 2013

What people wore on Monday night (PM)

Twigley's outfit on Monday night has further confirmed my long-held and ever increasing suspicion that she is in fact Frank N. Furter.

Look at that crazy face

I have to confess I only watched about five minutes of the brownlow on Monday night. Just long enough to establish that I don't like the look of Gary Ablett's new girlfriend one bit. The problem with the Brownlow, other than the mind numbing boringness of a show that is basically three hours of a man listing names and numbers, is that the WAGs have become too obsessed with looking pretty, rather than using their old M.O. of look slutty. And seeing Brynne's outfit this year basically is the nail in the coffin. This is a woman that once wore this:

Brownlow hos, is there any hope for you now?

At least the ladies at the Emmys are mostly pretty and have enough money that they really do look good. Still effing boring though. When I saw Claire dames I almost vomited. The dress is whatever. It was the hair and face styling that I can't stand. I can't exactly explain it, I just think that hair is  most boring thing I have ever seen.

I kind of like the concept and fabric of Lena Dunham's dress, but girlfriend really has to improve her posture if she wants to pull off that kind of thing. And maybe it should have come in lower down, at the waist. You know?

Thank god for Juliane Hough, a woman I am only familiar with because I saw a god awful movie called Safe Haven that she was in on the plane to USA. Also she was in Rock of Ages. Most importantly she was a professional dancer in Dancing with the Stars. Clearly this had the most influence on her dress sense. Now here is a woman that could show the WAGs how to dress.

Awards nights, ladies, you all are going to have to work harder. 

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