Thursday, September 26, 2013

What people wore on Monday night (AM)

For people who like looking at ladies wearing dresses, Monday night was a bonanza.
The Emmys AND the Brownlow, together at last. At one, a bunch of ladies walking that tightrope of elegance that touches on skankiness. At the other, a bunch of ladies embracing skankiness holus bolus, and Andrew Demetriou's wife.
I watched the Brownlow of course and was shocked by the lack of boobs. It's like modesty is the new exhibitionism. I don't understand what's going on.
Look at what Brynne wore!

The others were all so boring that they're barely worth mentioning here. OK OK I will mention what Twigley wore.

This belongs in True Blood if it was set in the 1980s. It also makes me think that Twigley has adopted a who gives a fuck attitude which pleases me a lot. But that might be wishful thinking.

Ok, let's see what the Emmy's have to offer.

This weirds me out. But I like how Rose Byrne has chosen a dress in a shade the same as her name. That's totally something I would do if my name was a colour and not an abbreviation for a measure of distance.

I feel like Heidi wants to look like a sexy snake here. I don't think anyone should do that. Not even snakes.

This next one I actually kind of love...
....because it seems like the dress is wearing a mask because it wants to be incognito.

This I flat out dislike:

It's a little bit wedding dress, and a little bit wedding night neglige. Get off the fence and make a decision Danes!

Ok, lets see what J has to say on the matter. Let's ease her in, shall we?

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