Thursday, September 19, 2013

Revelations (PM)

In Revelations, a seven headed beast rises out of the sea and tries to make all the earth's people worship dragons instead of god. No shit. 

If, like this morning's post, the biblical book of revelations talked about denim and being comfortable and had pictures of couples walking down the street hand in hand rather than wall to wall bloodshed, I would be a god damned believer!

But instead one has to turn to Miss Soft Crab for that sort of thing.  

I can't wait to see J in these boyfriend jeans. We had a conversation about whether she could 'go there' on Monday and then BAM, Thursday arrives with news that she 'went there'. All I can say is there is a strong chance that when I go over to her house on Saturday night to watch footy and flip through magazines, there is a strong chance I am going to try on the boyfriend jeans.

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